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Fuel Efficiency Flat-Line

October 19, 2006 · · Filed Under Automotive Industry, Fuels, Governments, Related News 

Here’s a nice graphic from the Washington Post (found via AXP Blog) piece on the stagnation of fuel-efficiency ratings for new cars.


Over at the X PRIZE, they did a little computelating and figured that the average MPG of cars today should be in the low 40’s – and not slumming around the low 20’s.

Here’s a (first order) conjecture based on extrapolating the EPA data:  Given that the average MPG increased roughly 7 MPG during 1975-1981, if that rate of change had continued (with constant average weight and acceleration), the average MPG today would be 42 MPG rather than 21 MPG.

But instead of spending all that engineering talent on creating highly efficient engines for cars, the money was spent building heavier cars with greater performance – and maintaining the status quo when it comes to mpg. Hopefully the new Automotive X PRIZE will invigorate the search for attractive-but-miserly car of the near future.


3 Responses to “Fuel Efficiency Flat-Line”

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