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Perspective on ANWR

January 18, 2007 · · Filed Under Fuels, Gasoline, Oil Industry 

Drilling in ANWR is a subject you’ve probably heard alot about. Here is some perspective about the area in question. 

Take a quick look at this map. Click on the image to see the original .pdf file, in much greater detail. If you look closely, there is a small red square inside a larger green area that represents the ANWR Coastal Plain. The little red dot is the proposed development area.


By 2010 the US is projected to produce only approx 5 million barrels per day, combined with what we are importing, that leaves us 5 million barrels per day short. Look at the red dot in this picture. http://www.anwr.org/docs/CloseupofareaIII.pdf. That dot is the size of the proposed oil field that could potentially, only drilling will tell, supply the US with what is realistically estimated to produce 18 billion barrels of oil. Do the math, and you will find that means this little red dot could make up our shortage for 3600 days, or approx 10 years. Environmental advances are such that oil production and wildlife can co-exist, the people of Alaska want it, the people of the US want it, and the jobs and economic benefit to our citizenry is undeniable. (Read Source)

ANWR will not solve all of our problems alone.


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