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When do consumers really go green?

January 23, 2009 · · Filed Under Energy Independence, FuelClinic, Fuelishness!, Governments, Motivations, Poll, Reducing Emissions, Saving Money 

Check out this recent Pew Research Center poll data: 

Economy, Jobs Trump All Other Policy Priorities In 2009 

“Going green” must be economical in order to be widely embraced. We need to be able to be greener and save money at the same time. “Green” must also mean jobs, economic recovery, and strength – not “going without”. 

The poll indicates “global warming” is losing ground in the public’s attention span. Judging by the Pew poll, and my own little poll at FuelClinic, it’s simply not a strong motivator right now – it’s in dead last place. 

I suggest that any persuasive new argument/marketing approach regarding developing “green” initiatives should not be based solely around global warming (or it’s new name “climate change”). 

Instead a strong argument would focus on immediate and mid-term cost-savings, creation of jobs, benefit to national economy, and improvements to energy security. The long-term payoff being plentiful clean energy for the future and improving the environment. 

But, it all boils down to money. In the end, the tipping point is the same as always – the wallet. It must be cheaper.


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