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The EU’s 20/20/20 Energy Efficiency Targets

January 30, 2009 · · Filed Under Eco-Driving, Energy Independence, FuelClinic, Governments, Power-Grid, Reducing Emissions 

The EU has a plan know as 20/20/20 – binding targets on greenhouse gas emissions reductions (-20%) and increasing share of renewable energies (+20%)  to be accomplished by 2020. 

There is  a new publication available from IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators Workshop describing, in general terms, the EU’s  20/20/20 energy efficiency targets, the importance of improving energy efficiency in reaching those goals, and the difficulties they face collecting reliable energy efficiency metrics.


Energy Savings Indicators for Policy Development in EU

Energy efficiency is a top policy priority in EU. They have binding targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (-20%), increasing share of renewable energies (+20%) and a politically endorsed target to save 20% primary energy in 2020 compared to projections. 



Document available at Energy Savings Indicators for Policy Development in EU, more information about the European Commission involved is available at Directorate-General Energy and Transport.


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