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First Look: Houston We Have a Problem [Movie Trailer]

June 26, 2009 · · Filed Under Movies & Video, Oil & Politics, Oil Industry, Oil Refining, United States 

Here’s a first look at the trailer for a new film Houston We Have a Problem – a feature documentary about America’s ferocious appetite for oil from the insider’s perspective.


Exploring our dangerous addiction to oil through candid insights from the Barons, Wildcatters, CEO’s and Roughnecks that comprise the world of Big Oil. This film is an inside look into the culture of oil that explores the history of our dependency that has led us to our current ENERGY CRISIS.

We learn how the perceived perpetrators of this critical American problem understand its complexities better than anybody. These seasoned professionals and New Wildcatters are presenting innovative strategies with a systemic shift to renewable, sustainable energy sources.

For too long, the energy policy of this country has been dictated by lobbyists and knee-jerk political decisions but now, politicians and business are finally joining together for a solution

The film premiered at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival earlier this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to be there. There is, however, an interesting interview from the festival with director Nicole Torre and producer Eric Mofford where they talk about how the motivation for the film developed out of a conversation where two people, representing two distinctly different political and social perspectives, were able to overcome the obvious obstacles and discuss real solutions to the shared crisis.

I talked briefly with the film’s director Nicole Torre yesterday who told me they are still shopping it around for national theatrical distribution, and the screening schedule and DVD release date is not yet available.

You can learn more about the film Houston We Have  Problem and it’s schedule at their website, or on the film’s FaceBook page.


5 Responses to “First Look: Houston We Have a Problem [Movie Trailer]”

  1. Trialdog on June 26th, 2009 9:59 AM

    I’m confused. First, Americans do not have a “dangerous addiction” to oil. We are a free people and use energy to improve the living standards of the world. Oil is a source of energy.
    Second, “dependency” has not lead to the current “energy crisis.” Politics led to the “energy crisis.” Political ambition is going to make an even bigger “energy crisis” very soon. Certain politicians wish to consolidate certain power over industry and life through specious taxation schemes and imaginary “global warming” hysteria the same politicians created. Americans have a Marxist leaning President that understands this and is exploiting it for partisan political power.
    Third, government subsidized and inefficient energy production is silly. Sure, it expands the power of government and makes free people more dependent on government, but, as with all Marxist style social engineering plans, these will fail but make certain politically connected people very wealthy.
    It appears this “movie” is a propaganda piece.
    Since there is plenty of oil and gas available, perhaps we would be best off developing it and stop playing around with these self interested social engineers and their idiotic central planning schemes.

  2. Doc Miles on June 26th, 2009 11:30 AM

    We are certainly at the mercy of unstable oil supply and prices. I’d call that dangerous.

    Oil is our single-source of fuel for 96% of the transportation equipment in existance. You can’t run that equipment on anything else. I’d call that addicted.

    I’ve not seen the film yet, so I’m not sure of the content. Did you watch the Vimeo interview – it gives a much different “tone” to the film than the trailer, I think. (Maybe I should have put that at the top of the post, with the trailer underneath…)

    Judging from the interview, I *think* that the film is more about building bridges of understanding, documenting what the oil industry in America is doing now – seeking solutions.

    We won’t really know until we can watch it ourselves.

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  4. Rita Higgins on June 13th, 2010 3:29 PM

    I just heard about this film at a Soroptimist International meeting in Denver, Colo. And I am hoping the crisis now with BP will help to get this film made in 2009 to a wide distribution.

  5. jc on November 15th, 2011 8:31 PM

    I can’t imagine that Trialdog actually took the time to watch the movie. Why would s/he when they’ve already made up their mind with unsubstaniated claims and outright falsehoods? The movie does a pretty good job of getting the oilmen’s point accross and in fact has convinced this liberal that it’s not their fault. However the oilmen interviewed say we are addicted to oil and that we’re gonna run out!! Wake up trialdog and find another axe to grind beside that tired-old marxist rant.

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