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National Teen Driver Safety Week (Continued) – Impact Teen Drivers

October 30, 2009 · · Filed Under Distracted Driving, Driver Performance Improvement, FuelClinic, LinkedIn, Teen Driver Safety 

We left last week with a message from John Henry of EcoDriveSmart that the real challenge for improving teen driver safety is one that can’t be jammed into one week a year. He’s right of course, so we’ll continue it on an ongoing basis throughout the year, adding it to the mission of FuelClinic and the Fuelishness! Blog.

I will bring you the best information I can find, as I find it. Please bring resources to my attention that you want to get highlighted here. Information like this:

Recently a comment was left by a Fuelishness! blog reader (thank you Martha!) about an outstanding public awareness campaign from California called Impact Teen Drivers. There is a collection of resources for parents and educators to help explain and teach the dangers of distracted driving to teenagers. Recently they released this excellent video…

Since 2008, Impact Teen Drivers has been working to share with teens the dangers of reckless and distracted driving through their effective campaigns online and in schools.

Our message to young people is simple, yet vital: Focus on the road ahead and get to where you are going safely.

There is a related website called “What Do You Consider Lethal” that merits a visit itself. I’ll take a closer look at it in the future.


2 Responses to “National Teen Driver Safety Week (Continued) – Impact Teen Drivers”

  1. Michael Lach on November 2nd, 2009 12:40 PM

    http://www.HowsMyTeenDriving.org has a solution to these sad issues. For a small fee you get a bumper sticker with an 800 number just like the ones we see on commercial vehicles. Call is immediately placed to parents to react right then. It takes a community to raise a child! Never m

  2. Deidre Bender on November 6th, 2009 7:13 AM

    I would like to link to facebook but do not see it. Thank you

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