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“Caption This Image” Winner(s) Announced

December 8, 2009 · · Filed Under FuelClinic, FuelClinic.com, Fuelishness! 

In late October I posted an image I had cobbled together and asked Fuelishness! readers to help me improve the caption that accompanied it. I offered a $50 gas card as a reward for what we felt was the best suggestion. We received over 50 suggestions here at Fuelishness! I did something similar at the Vencorp classifieds, and we collected about a dozen additional suggestions.

At Vencorps, we chose the suggestion by Shashank K:

Emissions Compliance [Check]
Engine Performance [Check]
Aerodynamic design [Check]
There’s only so much the car can do, then its all YOU.

It’s a great suggestion, an we’ve already started to use it in a new animation currently in production. (It’s fantastic!) I hope to be able to release this new animation by the end of this year.

Here at Fuelishness! the choice was much harder to make… there are so many good suggestions. First we whittled the field down to the top dozen. Then we weighted each and added up the scores. We chose the suggestion by Lori on October 22nd:

Want better MPG’s? You’re in the Driver’s Seat.

We will be using this caption in future marketing materials.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for participating in our first ever FuelClinic Fuelishness! contest.


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