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Oprah Show: Distracted Driving – America’s New Deadly Obsession

Oprah Winfrey is using her considerable influence to educate motorists to the growing dangers of distracted driving, a topic near to our hearts here at FuelClinic.

Millions of people text, talk or e-mail on their cell phones while driving—a recent survey finds that 71 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 49 admit they text or talk on the phone while they drive.

If you think you can call, text and drive at the same time, you cannot. That message you can’t wait to send could kill. Distracted driving is an epidemic that is sweeping through our country, claiming lives and destroying families.

On Monday, she aired an entire episode dedicated to her new cause. While you can’t find the full episode online, here is a short clip available at CNN.

We applaud Oprah along with the many professional driving educators, technology creators, and others working every day to make positive changes in this important effort.


One Response to “Oprah Show: Distracted Driving – America’s New Deadly Obsession”

  1. GPS Tracking System on December 23rd, 2010 7:49 PM

    Oprah is clearly trying to bring some attention to a real problem that we have all encountered at some point in time and that is a person talking on their cell phone while driving. Sadly, there are a lot things that make are roadways less safe than they should be, one of those being teen driving/speeding. Thankfully, many parents are now using GPS tracking devices to discover whether their teen drivers are actually applying the knowledge they learn about safe driving to the road. Maybe one day we will have a similar solution for the cell phone driving problems.

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