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Top 7 Eco-Driving Habits of Fuel Efficient Drivers – Infographic

Download the new eco-driving infographic from the eco-driving experts at Ford.



One Response to “Top 7 Eco-Driving Habits of Fuel Efficient Drivers – Infographic”

  1. Auto Repair Orem on April 18th, 2012 3:12 PM

    Now that’s funny. The first thing I read was “Lose some weight” before I realized it was talking about emptying your car…I was like, “What?”

    I do think about the extra gas I’m using when speeding (esp if over 60mph is speeding). Sometimes it’s worth it because I’m running late. Other times it’s worth pulling over to the right lane and going more like 68 (because I just don’t think 60 is an option).

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