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A study on perceived usefulness of eco-driving assistant systems in Europe

The ecodriver-project.eu study “A study on perceived usefulness of eco-driving assistant systems in Europe” released this week show there is a great deal of interest in eco-driving, good deal of belief that the benefits are real, but no interest in paying for this kind of technology/service.

While this has been our experience with a consumer-based product (like our FuelClinic), there is considerably more interest from fleets interested in incorporating similar programs into their larger operations, since the cost saving benefits are multiplied well above what your average motorist would see (in addition to the safety and collision reduction side-effects of conservative eco-driving).

So what’s the most effective way to change the behavior of motoring public at little or no cost? How about a piece of duct tape over the fuel gauge?


Poll: Has the BP Oil Spill Motivated You to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption?

July 2, 2010 · Filed Under Eco-Driving, FuelClinic, LinkedIn, Motivations, Poll · 5 Comments 

A few weeks ago I asked “is the oil spill enough to change consumer behavior?” Kind of a rhetorical question… So let’s get a little more specific. Has this disaster motivated YOU personally to change your fuel consumption behavior?

[polldaddy poll=3423647]

If you want to learn more about reducing fuel consumption, there are lots of resources available to you. For starters, please take a look at our 20 Top Eco-Driver Tips. You may also be interested in any of the following resources:


Video: Together We Are More Powerful Than Oil

If you know of any other resources, please add them in the comments here. Write a brief description, include a link to the site. We’re looking for REAL solutions, and I’ll delete anything that appears to me to be a scam. (My house, my rules.)

As always, please leave you comments here, and “Like” our Facebook page. Thank you!

FuelClinic.com is currently #3 in the running at IdeaBlob

June 3, 2009 · Filed Under Doc Miles, FuelClinic, Fuelishness!, LinkedIn, Poll, Twitter · Comment 

Votes at IdeaBlob are tallied each night, and I just received notice from them that the FuelClinic idea is currently #3 in this weeks “sprint”. This is great news!


This is a good indication that we have a real chance of success with this grant. 

I still need your help – for those who have not yet voted, please do so. IdeaBlob does require registration, which is a little bit of a pain, but it helps prevent cheating. (btw: I first registered with them in November 2008, and they have not sent me any spam at all.)

For those that have voted, thank you — may I have another? Please pass on my request for votes and encourage your friends and family members who can spare a few minutes to help.

Details of what the grant would be used for are contained in the proposed idea, but basically the money will be used to produce eco-driving training videos that will demonstrate proven techniques anyone can use to improve fuel efficiency and save gas money.

If our idea should win, the grant money will be spent immediately to stimulate the economies of several small businesses (videographer, director, assistants, test track, car rental, pr person) as well as pay a lucky university student who will help with post-production editing, etc. The videos will become a part of FuelClinic freely available training modules (in development) as well as available to anyone via YouTube. 

Thanks again for your help.

– Mike

Help us win $10K grant to produce eco-driving video “clinics” that will teach fuel-efficient driving skills

June 1, 2009 · Filed Under Doc Miles, FuelClinic, Poll, Twitter · Comment 

FuelClinic.com is entered at IdeaBlob to compete for a $10K grant. We intend to use the money to produce several eco-driving training videos that will highlight simple methods anyone can use to reduce their fuel consumption and save gas money.

My Idea

I need your vote this week to help place our idea into the contest running at the end of this month. Voting is simple, but does require a quick registration. All of the details are available at the IdeaBlob website.

Please pass this request on to anyone you think would support this idea. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

When do consumers really go green?

Check out this recent Pew Research Center poll data: 

Economy, Jobs Trump All Other Policy Priorities In 2009 

“Going green” must be economical in order to be widely embraced. We need to be able to be greener and save money at the same time. “Green” must also mean jobs, economic recovery, and strength – not “going without”. 

The poll indicates “global warming” is losing ground in the public’s attention span. Judging by the Pew poll, and my own little poll at FuelClinic, it’s simply not a strong motivator right now – it’s in dead last place. 

I suggest that any persuasive new argument/marketing approach regarding developing “green” initiatives should not be based solely around global warming (or it’s new name “climate change”). 

Instead a strong argument would focus on immediate and mid-term cost-savings, creation of jobs, benefit to national economy, and improvements to energy security. The long-term payoff being plentiful clean energy for the future and improving the environment. 

But, it all boils down to money. In the end, the tipping point is the same as always – the wallet. It must be cheaper.

POLL: What’s more important to you: Saving Money on Fuel, Reducing Carbon Emissions, or Cutting Foreign Oil Dependence?

There’s a new poll on the homepage of FuelClinic.com – half-way down on the left, asking users and visitors what’s more important to them – saving money on fuel, reducing foreign oil dependence, or reducing carbon emissions and pollution…

>> http://www.fuelclinic.com <<

The results so far are very interesting. Visit and have your vote.

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